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‏2013-06-13T08:34:56Z | launcher

Hi All,

I am planning to setup multiple WTX Launchers(8.3) in Unix environment. only file i know is dtx.ini and i have 3 .mrc files with individual .msl/.mrns.

Can anybody tell me steps to follow to do multiple launcher. in Windows i can use Launcher Admin, but no idea in Unix env.

any link to support or suggestions welcome.



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    Re: Launcher setup in unix


    In UNIX also you should use Launcher Admin to configure the files. there is a script file that will bring up the same UI as windows.  Congifure the launcher and then start  the launcher. On windows, its a  service. and on unix its a deamon. That;s the only  difference.


    The following steps summarize the process flow of using the Launcher with the Management Tools.

    1. From the Launcher Administration interface, configure the Launcher by setting up users, port numbers, and deployment directories.
    2. Use the Integration Flow Designer to create a system and then generate the system (.msl) file to the deployment directory. For help on creating or generating a system file, see the Integration Flow Designer documentation.
    3. Start the Launcher service or daemon.
    4. Open a connection to the Launcher from the Management Console and begin viewing statistical data from the process that is running. From there you can also control the compound system that is running.
    5. Open a connection to the Launcher from the Launcher Monitor to view watches that are running dynamically and to take snapshots.
    6. Open the Snapshot Viewer to view snapshots taken by the Monitor.