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‏2013-08-27T15:44:41Z |

Is there any way to let run PPT on Linux Redhat 6.2 64 bits ?

  • JenniferRicciuti
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    Re: PPT on Linux64


    Anyone get this to run yet on 64-bit Linux?

  • dettoni
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    Re: PPT on Linux64


    I was able to start PPT on RedHat 5.6...following the instructions on this topic:

    In addition you have to add in  the PATH variable of the user the path of xulrunner installation.

    So if you run xulrunner from xulrunner installation directory the output must be:

    [root@hostname ~]# xulrunner
    Mozilla XULRunner
    Usage: xulrunner [OPTIONS]
           xulrunner APP-FILE [APP-OPTIONS...]
          --app                  specify APP-FILE (optional)
      -h, --help                 show this message
      -v, --version              show version
      --gre-version              print the GRE version string on stdout
      --register-global          register this GRE in the machine registry
      --register-user            register this GRE in the user registry
      --unregister-global        unregister this GRE formerly registered with
      --unregister-user          unregister this GRE formely registered with
      --find-gre <version>       Find a GRE with version <version> and print
                                 the path on stdout
      --install-app <application> [<destination> [<directoryname>]]
                                 Install a XUL application.
      Application initialization file.
      Application specific options.

    If PPT starts, you can see the starting image, but after it the application hungs, could be a conflict problem with the xulrunner installed by default in the RedHat server (comes with Firefox i think) in /usr/lib64.

    Look  this bug:

    I've find the same error in PPT/workspace/.metadata/.log

    !ENTRY org.eclipse.osgi 4 0 2014-04-22 16:30:01.692
    !MESSAGE Application error
    !STACK 1
    org.eclipse.swt.SWTError: XPCOM error -2147467259
            at org.eclipse.swt.browser.Mozilla.error(
            at org.eclipse.swt.browser.Mozilla.initXULRunner(

    In my enviroment the only way to solve this problem was to remove the rpm package with rpm -e --nodeps command.