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Pinned topic Tools to monitor Rational Common License usage?

‏2013-06-10T19:03:39Z | license

I find this in the imgrd.log, but the website is no longer available. Let's say I want to see if there is any license rejection during the last night, how can I do that?

Contact Macrovision at

 2:48:02 (lmgrd) for more details on how to
 2:48:02 (lmgrd)   obtain an evaluation copy of FLEXnet Manager
 2:48:02 (lmgrd)   for your enterprise.
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    Re: Tools to monitor Rational Common License usage?


    Well, as it happens, the only way to do that is to search for errors in the license server debug logs. Flexera Software's license management tool will track usage, not denials. An odd lack, but there it is... There are also multiple license error codes you may see.

    • -18 -- server does not support this feature: You may see this if you use Windows suite mapping and have products enabled on the client you don' t have installed on the server
    • -4 -- no more licenses available. If you're not using Token licenses, this one means that you are definitively out of licenses.
    • -38/-39 Include/exclude list messages. If you're not using INCLUDE or EXCLUDE lines in your options file, you won't see these.

    You can find the most recent documentation on the license server, setup and error messages at:

    I'm pretty sure you're running an older Rational License Key server. You should probably update to a newer release. Especially since there are some security and other issues in some of the older ones.