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‏2014-02-25T20:27:19Z | lifecycle promotion


Hi.  Our customer has four (4) environments: 

  1. Development
  2. Software Quality Assurance (SQA)
  3. Performance Testing (PCG)
  4. Production 

I plan to implement promotion into the runtime environments based on the following transitions: 

  1. Development:  ApproveRealization
  2. Software Quality Assurance (SQA):  ApproveStagingDeployment
  3. Performance Testing:  ApproveCertification
  4. Production:  ApproveProductionDeployment

I think this is pretty basic stuff but I was curious because there doesn't seem to be built-in support for re-promote from the "Realized" state.  From each of the other states, there is a "redefine" transition but not for "Realized".  Is there a reason?  Do you foresee a problem with adding a "RedefineToSpecified" transition from the "Realized" state to the "Specified" state?

It seems like such an obvious thing that I'm wondering if I'm missing something.



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    Re: Promotion and Re-promotion


    The out of the box GEP provides the transitions for promotion to Staging and Production environments, as ApproveStagingDeployment and ApproveProductionDeployment. As you find you can make other transitions do promotion to other environments, or you can extend the life cycle and add extra transitions for promotion such as ApproveDevelopmentDeployment.

    Therefore the reason we don't add a redefine transition for Realized is just because we didn't design the life cycle with ApproveRealization being the promote to dev transition.

    There is no reason you cannot add a redefine transition if you need one.