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‏2013-04-23T08:14:13Z |

Hello all,

Do you know something about IBM BPM 8.5?


Kacper Oko


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  • edling
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    Re: IBM BPM 8.5

    ‏2013-04-23T13:05:57Z  in response to Duchu

    I speculate from the below quote and the work on the Dojo Charting Toolkit (see the community wiki) that ad-hoc reports and dashboards will be getting an overhaul.

    (...)the new dashboards, and the associated Dashboard Toolkit, are not supported(...).

  • JeoffWilks
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    Re: IBM BPM 8.5

    ‏2013-04-29T18:32:49Z  in response to Duchu

    Hi, I run Product Design for the Smarter Process portfolio, which includes IBM BPM. I'm glad to see you're interested in finding out more. If you're looking for a general overview, please refer to the announcement letter:

    Quoting from the announcement...

    IBM BPM V8.5 includes these new capabilities:

    • Simplified IBM BPM installation, configuration, migration, and administration to help reduce the time and effort required to set up, manage, and expand IBM BPM environments
    • Significant enhancements to the IBM BPM built-in dashboards to help improve business process outcomes and enable the creation of custom dashboards
    • New internal repository to enable a consistent method for storing document attachments, both internally and externally, using standard Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) interfaces
    • New methods of Team definition, including service-based Team resolution and first-class support for Team managers
    • Improved collaboration, communications, and change tracking between business process stakeholders using IBM Blueworks Live and implementation teams using IBM BPM
    • Enhanced security capabilities for web services and support for SOAP headers in the IBM BPM standard run time
    • Entitlement to IBM Worklight Enterprise Edition for Nonproduction Environment to help accelerate the development of IBM BPM applications on mobile devices

    (End Quote.) That's just an introduction. Let me know your thoughts, what else you'd like to know about it, etc.

  • Matteo Mazzoleni
    Matteo Mazzoleni
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    Re: IBM BPM 8.5

    ‏2013-06-07T12:02:45Z  in response to Duchu

    Thanks Rafi e Joeff...Then I just have to wait.