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Pinned topic New to ISD, trying to monitor third party ESXi

‏2014-02-26T11:05:28Z | 6.3.3 agentless esxi monitoring


I'm new to ISD.

I would like to monitor some ESXi (5.5) servers (non-ibm-brand) from the new System Director I am setting up.

I believe the monitoring of ESXi is done through CIM (standard?), and therefor agentless ... it also uses SLP at discovery time and I made sure of restarting the service on my host before performing Discovery. 

The discovery log reads : Service Location Protocol (SLP) cannot be reached at IP address . If the resource is not fully discovered, enable SLP, ensure that Systems Director can reach SLP, and rerun discovery.

And of course nothing is discovered :-(

Anyone could help me please.