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Pinned topic Setting a Failover Relay

‏2014-05-06T21:17:35Z |

I have an action running that sets a failover relay.  The action script is as follows:

setting "_BESClient_RelaySelect_FailoverRelay"="http%3a%2f%2fServerName%3a52311%2fbfmirror%2fdownloads%2f" on "{now}" for client
relay select

I would like to add and extension to server name, for example:  I am guessing I would need to add a %2e for a period so that the url would look like this. 


My second question is why are the escape characters necessary?


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    Re: Setting a Failover Relay


    Maybe it is due to how it is stored in the registry? How it is ingested from the setting later? No clue really.