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Pinned topic Major error installing DB2 Express-C 10.5fp1 in Windows 7

‏2014-03-20T16:05:15Z |

I am trying to install the 32-bit DB2 Express-C 10.5fp1 in Windows 7 64-bit, the install fails with a "major error" and nothing obvious in the log file. I can't even rerun the install to change my options either, it just goes back to the major error. How do I clean this up so I can try reinstalling it?

Attached is the log file



  • MaryKKassey
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    Re: Major error installing DB2 Express-C 10.5fp1 in Windows 7

    ‏2014-04-01T04:19:01Z  in response to MikeHarrison

    Hi Mike,

    I reviewed the log, could not find obvious reason why the install failed. You can uninstall DB2 using one of the two options:

    - Control Panel->Programs and Features

    - db2unins utility from install image.

    If you just have a single DB2 copy on your windows 7 machine, you can issue: db2unins -f command .

    Please note that -f option removes all DB2 copies from your machine. 

    Performs a brute force uninstallation of all DB2 database products on the system. The db2unins -f command can only be issued from the installation media. Your system will reboot when you successfully issue db2unins -f. It can only be issued if there are no other DB2 products before version 9 installed on the system.

    In order to attempt a fresh DB2 install, please ensure you are logged in as local administrator, try one of the below:

    - If using setup wizard, launch setup.exe by right clicking, 'run as administrator'  - required on Windows 7 due to User Access control (UAC)

    More about UAC can be found here:

    - If command line, make sure you launch cmd.exe (run as administrator), browse to the location where setup.exe is present, then issue:

    setup.exe -l C:\temp\installlog -t C:\temp\installtrc

    Make sure C:\temp exists and has write permissions.

    As a side Note:

    DB2 does not support both 32-bit and 64-bit DB2 to co-exist on the same Windows 64-bit machine It can be all 32-bit DB2 or all 64-bit DB2, but not both. Its documented here:

    http ://p ic.d he.i bm.c om/i nfoc ente r/db 2luw /v9r 7/in dex. jsp? topi c=%2 Fcom .ibm .db2 .luw .adm in.d bobj .doc %2Fd oc%2 Fc00 0876 m l

    Note: The instances can also belong to different DB2 copies on a computer that can be at different levels of the database manager. If you are running a 64-bit Windows system, you can install 32-bit DB2, or 64-bit DB2 but they cannot co-exist on the same machine.


    Mary Kassey

    - IBM DB2 Support

    • wolfmw
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      Re: Major error installing DB2 Express-C 10.5fp1 in Windows 7

      ‏2015-01-28T22:01:17Z  in response to MaryKKassey

      I seem to encounter a similar problem: trying to install DB2 Express-C on Windows 7. I extracted the files from the v10.5_win64_expc archive, but when then trying to run the setup.exe in the EXPC folder, it seems to just create a new 'IBM Launchpad' folder, and then quit. When I try to run the DB2 Express-C.MSI directly (found in the db2/Windows subdirectory), the install wizard kicks off fine (i.e., going thru the screens where I enter the db2admin pwd, choose typical vs. custom install type, etc. - I went with all the defaults. Towards the end, a number of errors pop up that mention that Administrative Server may not be setup, some problem with setting up a user, and a few other errors, and finally receive the 'A major error occurred while installing DB2 in this computer ...' message. The windows installer seems to also pop up with an error, indicating the files (see attached txt file) as containing more information - although I can't interpret what's in them).

      Where do I turn for troubleshooting this further?




  • KPassey
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    Re: Major error installing DB2 Express-C 10.5fp1 in Windows 7

    ‏2015-02-18T17:19:39Z  in response to MikeHarrison

    Yes I have the same problem with 10.5.5 - I'm amazed that this fails...

    I tried installing the 32bit version with no security and it does not work with Firefox - so I'm back to the drawing board...