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Pinned topic classpath to Start odmapp from EJB on ODME

‏2013-06-10T09:40:24Z |


I just got started with ODME and I find a lot of good documentation, but not so many of how to start an odmapp in an enterprise environment. We got OMDE running on a websphere 7 and now I want to create a new scenario and start it on the server.

A few things I'm struggeling with.

What are the entries to put on the classpath? Is there a genral library available or should we just add all the jars from the ODM studio to my .ear?
Is it really neccesary to point to a hard coded directory or can I access this throug a global parameter? (I can configure this also via properties of my vm in websphere). I'm looking for a best practice since enterprise development tells us not to do IO
How do I fetch the archiveChecksum of my deployed application? When I try to go through the deploymentManager webservice, I get classloading issues because I'm using jax-ws with the websphere implementation, while the odm code that calls the oddapp uses axis2.