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Pinned topic PL/I accessing Mainframe / AIX SAS

‏2012-04-11T03:15:38Z |


We have one of our customer  SAS on Mainrame  and AIX platforms with  PL/I programs communicating with these SAS Programs on both these platforms . Customer is consolidating the SAS on WIndows Platform . Towards  this can  pointers be provided on
- How PL/I programs running on Mainframe interface with SAS on Mainframe . E.g is the call shipped to  SAS address space  or whether SAS routines are available as a part of LE(Language Environment) . Are any special modules link-edited when PL/I  programs are compiled for calling SAS
- In a Scenario when PL/I  programs running on AIX  call a SAS program running on Windows , are there standard API’s /adapters available