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I've cics explorer 1.1 java webstart (with customized views) working on jre6. This version does not work properly with jre7. Actually it works if you add the server address on exception side list for security purpose beacuse java7 have restriction for unauthorized signed applications. However it brings up the default cics explorer I want my customized version of cics explorer for application developers having java version7.  Currently i try cics explorer 5.1 with java7 and deploy javawebstart in another server. when i run

javaws http://tekbsnb1/explorerwebstart/launch.jnlp

 java7 runs and I have the error attached.

Do you have any idea about it?





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    Re: cics explorer java webstart



    That error is coming from Java Web Start - I don't think it's anything to do with CICS Explorer.

    Can you access the URL from a web browser? It seems to be telling you that the URL couldn't be loaded. I'm not aware of any differences between Java 6 and Java 7 that would prevent a customized version of CICS Explorer being used, although you didn't explain how you did the customizations.

    I would download a copy of the Java 6 JRE zip file (NOT installer), and a copy of the Java 7 JRE zip file. I would unzip them both on the same machine and trying running them one after the other:

    jre6\javaws http://tekbsnb1/explorerwebstart/launch.jnlp

    jre7\javaws http://tekbsnb1/explorerwebstart/launch.jnlp

    That way you can be certain that any differences are caused by the new JRE, rather than a different server setup or firewall changes etc.