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‏2013-10-24T01:48:08Z |

I want to develop a Web service that communicated to one of two hosts, TEST and PROD, depending upon what WAS server it is running on.  I want to develop a Web service that we develop and test connecting to the TEST host IP.  After it is tested I want to deploy the same EAR (no changes) to the production WAS server and have it connect to the production server instead of the test server.

I've used a technique before to read a WAS variable from the server and use it's value to control the flow of a macro at run time.  The idea there was that the initial connection was to a z/OS system, and the first option was to select the production or test environment from a menu.  Unfortunately, in this new environment the test and production environments are at two different IP addresses.

I could theoretically use a local hosts file on the servers to control this switch, but I don't like messing with the OS files.  I would rather use a WAS variable to determine the host to be used, then when the connection is made retrieve this variable and change the host address on the fly.

I've read a section of the Info Center dealing with Integration Object connection overrides, but they seem to focus on the client controlling the override.

Can someone point me in the right direction to accomplish this?