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Pinned topic How to read data from MsgBox in ptu

‏2013-07-22T14:14:16Z |

Hi Richard,

                    I was developping a ptu and i want to read some data from msgbox while runtime. Can it be possible?

If possible then please let me know it will support RTRT v20003 or not ?

Thanks in advance for your valuable support.


 Hope you remember Richard, You and me had conversation on topic "Data retrieval is not working in TARGET-HOST setup", But now it showing conversation between system admin and you. Why?




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    Re: How to read data from MsgBox in ptu


    why system admin ?

    because the furum has changed and it was not possible to keep the author name from old post. So all of them have been translated to system admin.

    what msgbox are you talking about ?

    the one raised by TestRT or the one raised by your application ?

    assuming the last case:

    if you have a means to do it using a C code, then It could be possible.

    If you cannot do it using a C code then PTU wont be able to do it as well.

    do you have access to the code generating thsi msgbox ?