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Pinned topic Can't install system director 6.3.2 on Windows 2012 Datacenter version

‏2013-09-03T17:19:06Z | 2012 windows


I have X3690X5 running Windows 2012 (X64) Data Center version.  Today, I want to install System Director 6.3.2 (I hope it is the latest version, let me know if I am wrong, where I can find 6.3.3?)  on it.

But I got error message: the data center version is not supported.  Is it true, or if 6.3.3 will support Windows 2012 data center version?

However, my purpose is that I want to enable IMM to send SNMP alerts to my personal email, if System Director 6.3.X is not able to run in my computer, is there other ways to configure it?

I have tried some settings in IMM, but not working.  And searching Internet seems not return any useful result.

Any help or advice is welcome!