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Pinned topic Multiple Insertion errors - ODBC Driver incompatibility leading from one to the other

‏2013-12-12T13:12:55Z | client driver dsn error insert optim server sql

I am using Optim Client 9.1 installed on windows 2008 R2 machine. I am trying to mask tables in a SQL server 2012 DB.

In an access definition, there are around 200 odd related tables among which there are tables I am supposed to mask. I run extract and then convert the extracted file. The converted file is different from the extracted one. when I try inserting this converted batch, I am faced with 2 errors which is causing a strange scenario - The fix for the first one is causing the second error !!

These are known errors and the workarounds are specified in the IBM support site. Let me list down the errors

1) Message: ODBC SQLState: HY104 Invalid precision value

2) Message: ODBC SQL State: 22026 String data, length mismatch

The solution for the first error is to replace the ODBC driver of the target database DSN from SQL Server with SQL Server Native Client 10.0. When I do that and run the insert/update service again, it smooth sails for a  while and bumps on the 2nd error, the solution for which is to reverse the change made initially i.e. change the driver from SQL Server Native Client 10.0 to SQL Server. If I do that and run the insert/update, error 1 is back. 

I am perplexed here. Kindly advise.

Thanks in advance for your time.


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