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Pinned topic Can third party vendors distribute DB2's JDBC drivers along with their own software?

‏2014-01-28T13:57:42Z | db2 distribute drivers jdbc maven

Can an application developed by a third party vendor distribute the DB2's JDBC drivers as part of an application?

Technically, I know it is possible, but I want to know if it is legal.

DB2 express-C has a slogan "Free to develop, free to deploy, free to distribute". Distributing only the drivers is part of that "freedom", or the whole RDBS has to be distributed? What about the DB2 clients (data server client)? this last also includes the JDBC drivers.

If that is legally possible, I would like to know if publishing the DB2's JDBC drivers in a Maven repository is also legally correct? Probably, Maven Central has its own set of rules for Open Source software, and IBM's rules for DB2 does not fit in there; but what about if I create my own Maven repository hosted in my server, with all DB2's JDBC drivers with public visibility? it will allow to the Java community to integrate DB2's drivers easily. The end user does not have to download the driver separately.

For the Maven repository, I mean, to publish all these drivers in my own server:

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