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Pinned topic SQL Call Builder not working with Data Page

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I am struggling with this problem since past 4 days - SQL Call builder is not working with Data Page.  I am using WEF 8, upgraded to  I thought some JVM issue so I even tried with 1.6.  But still this problem is not getting resolved.  I am stuck with this one.

I am using WEF  SQL Call Builder is not working with Data Page.  SQL Data Services builder is working fine with the database.

Database is DB2 and app is deployed on WAS 7, please find attached the model, WAS logs and WEF logs.  In SystemOut.log I am getting this error:

Uncaught exception created in one of the service methods of the servlet /genjsp/deMetrics_landingPage.jsp in application TACwithData. Exception created : java.lang.InstantiationException:


To test SQL Data Services builder, please disable these builders: SQL Call, Page, Data Page and Action List

And to see the error, disable SQL Data Services builder and enable all other builders.

Thanks in advance, really struggling to crack this one.

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    Re: SQL Call Builder not working with Data Page


    I haven't looked at the model but the likely cause is that you are trying to display a page containing the SQL data before you have actually called the data service that executes the query.  DataRetriever is an interface that is why it cannot be instantiated.  java.lang.InstantiationException indicates something is trying to use the value in the data retriever variable before it has been set by SQL Call.