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Pinned topic manager view for custom person

‏2014-09-01T09:03:34Z | aci custom manager person



I have these 3types of users in ISIM 6.0.


S0001 : user made by inetOrgPerson & has S0003 as manager

S0002 : user made by Custom Person & has S0003 as manager

S0003 : user made by Custom Person.


When I login to ISIM as user S0003, I could only see user S0001.


I  created ACI with full access for Person, Account but it doesn't help.

Are there any way to show not only S0001 but also user S0002 in S0003's view?

(Also, I want S0003 to show only their people, not all users)


Thanks in advance.



Masatsugu ITOH




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