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‏2013-11-06T06:15:51Z | doors dxlipf

Hi ,

I want to run a dxl script from outside doors using DXLIPF.exe api. But i could not do it successfully. according to the API document, i have started DXL server(see attachment startDXLServer.dxl). When i run dxlipf from command prompt, i am getting an error(see attachment dxlipf_error.png). Can you please explain me how dxlipf identify the port and hostname of the DXL Server?

Please help me in resloving this problem.

Thanks & Regards,

Kasilingam S

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    Re: dxlipf communication in DOORS


    I am really not a huge fan of the DXL Server of DOORS. So I cannot really answer that question, however I wanted to ask you, what you intend to do. I started up some open source project called DriveDOORS some time ago, which already includes a working DXL Server but has the goal of being a general purpose high performance interface to DOORS. If you are interested to work with/on it, write me an email: mmamsch(at)google(remove that!) You can find it on github: Regards, Mathias

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