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Pinned topic HS23 warning 0x080070100

‏2014-05-14T19:09:22Z |


I just installed a HS23 blade with W2012 R2 with Serveguide with no problem. Some time after that, when I restarted, i see a warning in the AMM

0x80070100 FW/BIOS Firmware progress (GPT Status)


I cant find any reference to that code in the documentation


Any clues?

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    Re: HS23 warning 0x080070100


    generally this means the GPT is corrupted.  There is a setting in uefi

    System Settings --> -Devices and I/O Ports  --> Disk GPT recovery.

    Settings are automatic and none.  If the system continued to boot up without issues, then its likely set to automatic, in which case you can ignore the message