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David Douglas
David Douglas
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Pinned topic Rendering issue in Chrome

‏2019-08-21T16:18:07Z | browser portal8.5

I have an issue that appears only in the Chrome browser. When there is a table on a page, it "underlaps" the column on the right side. Please see the two attachments for a comparison.

We use a custom theme provided by an IBM business partner, so I realize it may be an issue I need to take up with them. But I thought perhaps there is someone with programming savvy (in CSS, perhaps?) who can guess at what the problem might be. Again, this happens only in Chrome. The tables render properly in IE and Firefox.

Fortunately (in this case, anyway Wink), IE is the default browser for most of our employees. But I use Chrome myself and so do a few others. If possible, I'd like to solve the issue. Thanks!