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Pinned topic ISD Cannot discover client (unable to connect to SLP)

‏2014-06-17T18:35:40Z |

Hi; I'm having trouble with two servers that I'm trying to discover.

ISD 6.3.5 on SuSe Linux.

1) Client running Windows Server 2012:  Running the discovery it fails with the Message ATKSRV640I (Cannot reach SLP protocol).  On this server I checked the port 427 and there is nothing up on this port.  Is there any known issue with Windows 2012 and SLP (I searched but wasn't able to find anything)?

2) Client running ESXi 5.5:  Same thing happens on this client but I can see port 427 up and if I try to telnet  to this port it seems to be ok.

ISD and the clients are in the same subnet.

Any idea of what am I doing wrong?.





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