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After installed TASP, I extracted also in the server the TASP Tooling sw (TASP-Tooling-1.0.0-linux64_201304251801.tgz )

I executed the eclipse file (I needed to do a chmod +x) and I created a new TASP project. Inside this project created a new TASP data source (database). Here in the Lab they provide me access to a ITM data warehouse to test.

The connection is OK, as well I imported with success some tables (like Linux_CPU, Unix_memory and so on), created related metric groups but when I try to preview, I don't show any data. I have already confirmed that I have records in the database.

Attached you have some screens.

  • MarkORiordan
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    Re: TASP Tooling


    Hi Carlos.
    Just today I've put new versions into the same place you got that version.
    The new version should be our release version... and you should find that problem is resolved.




  • CarlosMiguelRodrigues
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    Re: TASP Tooling


    Hi Mark,


    Thanks for the feedback. Now it seems everything OK. :)

    Unfortunately the Tivoli DW that I have access with ITM data only have data from last week (was changed and cleaned because performance issues). :( Probably I can get a backup with the older ITM data. Let's see...

    I will test as well the modeling using storage (csv/xml files) as data source instead the database. With database data source it seems OK . :)


    During next week I will elaborate a feedback report regarding the installation and post-installation steps.

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