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‏2013-11-26T20:15:02Z | license rdz


 I would like to know how to locate the license information in RDz once you applied the license file using Installation manager.   I need to give information about my RDz license for auditing purpose. The license type is a NODELOCK license.




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    Re: RDz installed license location


    From within RDz you can use Help > Manage Licenses to review your license type and status.

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    Re: RDz installed license location


    If an employee quits, how do I move the license to a new person's PC? (we are using permanent licenses)


    Manual says:


    "During the uninstallation process, the permanent license key is also removed."

    "For Rational products built on the Eclipse framework, permanent authorized user license keys

    from the activation kit are not managed by License Key Center. These license keys cannot be

    returned. You can import the same license key on another workstation. However, you must

    ensure compliance with your license agreement."


    So it sounds like we just need to insure we don't have more concurrent users than licenses.

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