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Pinned topic April 27th, 2010 - New Discussion group launched to capture Cloud Computing requirements for China

‏2010-04-29T12:51:29Z |
 A new discussion group has been launched today to capture the requirements for Cloud Computing to support IT in China - Requirements identified by this group will be added to the existing work that has been documented in the Cloud Computing Use Cases White Paper - In addition to the paper being published in English, the paper will now be published in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese and can be accessed from the site.

The Use Cases White Paper has become a solid resource eliminating much of the initial confusion surrounding Cloud Computing. Customer scenarios form the foundation of the Paper and showcase how Cloud Computing can be leveraged using real world examples. The development of the paper is an iterative process and each new version builds on the previous version as shown in the following topics:
    –    Cloud Computing Concepts
    –    Application Programming  Interfaces (APIs)
    –    Developer Requirements
    –    Security in the Cloud
    –    Service Level Agreements (SLAs) is currently being developed

As with the Cloud Computing Use Cases,, discussion group, the China Cloud Computing Use Cases discussion group will use an open community approach. To follow all current and future activities surrounding Cloud Computing Use Cases, a new site has been established called CloudUseCases.Org (

We look forward to hearing your requirements Cloud Computing in China as we develop new versions of the Cloud Computing Use Cases White Paper.