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Pinned topic Preparing to manage service processors with IBM Systems Director

‏2013-06-18T10:46:26Z | isd6.3.2 lm78 rsa smbus
I have lost in the ISD documentation.  I want to install Common agent as well as possible. I have x3550 7978 server with RSA II card. The operation system is SLES10 x64.
I have tried figure out which device driver,daemon, whatever have to install to manage service processors.
Take look for this link:
It looks like, I have to install the following components:
RSA daemon
USB drivers
LM78 driver
But there are this sentences: 
RSA restriction: When IBM Director Agent 5.20.x or IBM Director Core Services 5.20.x is installed, you can manage Remote Supervisor Adapter II or Remote Supervisor Adapter II SlimLine in-band. When Common Agent 6.1.x or 6.2.x, or Platform Agent 6.1.x or 6.2.x are installed, you are no longer able to manage the RSA in-band. You can manage it out-of-band by connecting it to the network and discovering it with IBM Systems Director.
So what i have to install in this case?
I have download the LM78 driver: iBMlm78-5.20-3
It seems to this driver works with IBM Director 5,20. Am I right?
Other link:
So We cannot manage RSA in-band with ISD 6.X agents. Why do I have to install lm78 and smbus drivers?!
It is confused....
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