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Pinned topic Interface beetwen P8 JAVA API AND CAS Jasig

‏2013-09-24T07:48:56Z | api cas jasig java sso

I send you this message because I'm looking for help.
My objective is to interface FileNet P8 5.1 with a CAS Jasig Server (a centralized authentication server).

My developments are using FileNet APIs PE and CE.
Currently, the connection is handled by the use of following methods (login / password)

Subject subject = UserContext.createSubject (connection, "login", "password", "FileNetP8");
context.pushSubject (subject);

We do not want to pass the login/password for the connection and use centralized authentication (CAS JASIG).

Our FileNet platform runs on a JBOSS server.
Currently, we have succeeded in make a connection to the CAS with JBOSS in a classic webapp without calling FileNet.

The connection is ok.
The validation of the ticket is ok.
Recovery JAAS subject containing the principal and credential is ok.

The problem is that FileNet does not support this type of authentication in a native way.

Objective is :
Authentications managed by CAS Server.
Permissions managed by FileNet with Active Directory.

Consequently, my questions are the following:

How can I extend the native FileNet behavior to answer my needs (Custom Login Module) ?
The development of a custom login module is it the right track?
Do you have any experience on the subject? Example or source code ?
Have you already set up this kind of architecture? ?
If so, could you give us a feedback ?

I wish to thank you in advance for any response or refection allowing me to advance in my problem.

Platform IBM FileNet P8 5.1
Oracle 11.2.0 
Application Server JBOSS 5.1.0. GA