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Pinned topic ISIM Activities are stopped

‏2014-06-02T06:13:28Z | isim


If I do any activities  particularly add an user into role, adding user into any any services those activities have been remain in a pending state.

I could not find out  what will be the reason for this error. Could any help me to resolve this issue

In msg.log I get the following information,

<Message Id="CTGIMA110W" Severity="WARN">
 <Time Millis="1401648907604"> 2014.06.02 00:25:07.604+05:30</Time>
 <Server Format="IP">apsim</Server>
 <LogText><![CDATA[CTGIMA110W  Scheduling a retry for the ID:90f4bfe3a3c6e23cdb87cf39110a134f0000000000000001 Java Message Service (JMS) message on the sharedWorkflowQueue queue. The message has been delivered 5 times, and will be rescheduled for delivery in approximately 3600000 milliseconds.]]></LogText>
 <Source FileName="" Method="scheduleRetry"/>
 <TranslationInfo Type="JAVA" Catalog="tmsMessages" MsgKey=""><Param><![CDATA[ID:90f4bfe3a3c6e23cdb87cf39110a134f0000000000000001]]></Param><Param><![CDATA[sharedWorkflowQueue]]></Param><Param><![CDATA[5]]></Param><Param><![CDATA[3600000]]></Param></TranslationInfo>






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    Re: ISIM Activities are stopped


    There could be many reasons for your problem - and finding out requires a lot of work (and data from your system).

    My advice - get a PMR out of the door and let the friendly people at IBM Support get you running again...



    Franz Wolfhagen