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Pinned topic Why no Express-C for AIX?

‏2014-06-02T03:37:22Z |

I know there is no DB2 Express-C for AIX, but why not?  I do not understand why it's bad for IBM to produce a version for AIX, but it's good to release a version for Solaris- a competing commercial UNIX, as well as Linux on POWER- a competing OS on the same hardware.  Windows and Linux on x86 I completely understand.  The other two baffle me.  Why wouldn't IBM want a starter version available on their premier UNIX platform?

At my company we have two primary platforms for production: Windows and AIX.  I have a number of projects that could use a database.  I personally would like to chose DB2 Express-C on AIX, but honestly, the AIX footprint in our company is in decline because SQL Server is good enough on Windows in most cases.  If I'm already forced to choose the Windows platform, SQL Server Express becomes the more logical DB choice.


I'm not asking IBM to release an Express-C for AIX tomorrow, though I'd certainly welcome it and use it.  I'm more curious as to why there is a version for Solaris and Linux on POWER, but not for AIX.


Thanks in advance.