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even though I updated my main IBM profile, my dW emails are sent to my old email address. I don't see any option to enter an email address in my dw profile. There is a link to "update your IBM account' and that takes me to my main IBM profile. The dw FAQ says there is way to do so using the General Tab but all I see is two tabs "About Me" & "Photo". What am I doing wrong or is the FAQ outdated or...?

dw FAQ see #7:

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    Re: Update dW email address?


    To update the email address on your developerWorks profile:

    1. On your profile page, click Edit my profile.

    2. Below the About Me text area, click the "Update your IBM account (including your privacy settings)" link.

    3. On the IBM My Profile page, log in using your developerWorks ID and password.

    4. On your profile settings page, click Edit.  The email address field will be editable.  Be sure to update privacy settings as well, if desired.

    5. Click Save.