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Pinned topic DOORS Very slow from one site, but don't know why!

‏2018-09-26T07:38:57Z | network slow slowperformance


Got a problem where the solution seems very hard to run down. Using DOORS on both the server and the client at all sites

We have three sites, access from the host site and one of the other sites is OK. However, access from one site is so poor the tool is rendered almost unusable. The network people say there is nothing wrong and at some point in the past access was at least acceptable.


The admin at the host site has conducted some tests and tells me that access from the problem site is improved if she is logged on to DOORS at the host site, this makes no sense to me as I don't see how her doors session would have any effect on any other session, anyone had a similar experience?


Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem is and how to run it down - other than ramming the problem down the neck of the problem sites network people ;-)


Thanks for any help


  • AdrianHaw
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    Re: DOORS Very slow from one site, but don't know why!


    Hi Richard

    I would ask a couple of people at the 'slow' site and someone at one of the 'normal' sites to run ping and tracert to the server so you can compare the network performance across sites.

    If there is significant difference in ping times you have your answer. The tracert comparison will indicate how many network nodes are being traversed and could explain why the slow site is slow (more hops between them and the server).

    If these tests shows now appreciable differences you could ask the network team to check if there is anything special/different about the slow site's network.

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    Re: DOORS Very slow from one site, but don't know why!



    maybe not the same issue, but a colleague reported a big slowness of the DOORS client usage (i.e. scrolling) on Windows Server 2012 and 2016.
    Ok, he tried this on a (2012/2016) Terminal Server. He said on 2012 a bit less than on 2016.

    There is an open IBM Case (TS001971266) but still without any ideas/workarounds.

    As we have two 2008R2 DOORS servers but needs to migrate to (at-least) 2012 up from end of this year, I'am very scared!