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‏2013-08-02T19:02:47Z | comment jcl

Is there a method to do BLOCK commenting on a JCL member using RDz?

Currently I add //* to every line to be commented. I was curious if there was an easier way?


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    Re: JCL Block Comment


    In RDz v9.0 we introduced a JCL Editor. One capability that came along with this editor is Toggle Block Selection Mode (Alt+Shift+A).  One example how you could use this feature to comment out every line in a step of a job would be to place the cursor in cloumn 3 on the EXEC statement for the step you wish to comment out.  Press Alt+Shift+A to enter Block Selection Mode.  Drag the cursor down to the last statement of the step. Press * to insert an asterisk in column 3 for all those lines at once. Press Alt+Shift+A to toggle out of Block Selection Mode.  Another option would have been to start in column 1, and once in block selection mode, select the first two characters of each line, and type //*.

    If you cannot remember the key sequence there is also a button in the toolbar that can be used.

    Here is a demo for the COBOL Editor and about halfway through it you will see examples of using the Block Selection Mode to create a large block cursor for inserting charactersinto the same position on many lines all at once.