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Pinned topic Why I can't run my application after the port of sandbox is changed

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I changed in derby services port in Peference -> ICAP -> sandbox , then I found my application can't running correctly. Why?

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    Re: Why I can't run my application after the port of sandbox is changed


    When you change the port definition for ICAP sandbox, sandbox will only update its port configuration for services definition, but the existing services instance won't be affected.  Then, you will get a new port configuration from system variable when you construct database connection, but the existing derby instance are still using the old port, that is why your application failed.

    The solution is to remove existing data services, and drag new one from cloud exploror to your application.

    Here is a sample to explain the error:

    When you Change the port in Preference:

    You got the following msg in console:

    07/05/13 11:59:05 AM CST: Updating port configuration...
    07/05/13 11:59:05 AM CST: Sandbox Services Menu actions will be available again once the process is complete.
    07/05/13 11:59:25 AM CST: Sandbox port configuration was successfully applied.

    Then, the derby services definition in cloud explorer is changed to new port:

    Now, if you print out the system variable "ICAP_SERVICES",  you will get port number "1529" for derby services.

    But if you clicked on <project> -> cloud resources -> derby -> test connections,  connection is refused with the following error msg:

    That is why the application can't running correctly.


    The solution is to remove the old derby from cloud resources, and drag a new one from cloud explorer. Try it please. Thanks.



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