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Pinned topic Indexing / Searching XML in IXml API?

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Is there anything in the IXml API for indexing and / searching XML?  IXml.findElement() has been great and using XmlTreeWalker solves many problems but I might need something more and was hoping it was already there.  My looking through the JavaDoc didn't bear fruit so I thought I would ask.


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    Re: Indexing / Searching XML in IXml API?


    The subset of xpath that IXML findElement provides is the extent of searching that IXml provides other than getting an immediate child of a given name...

    You can convert from IXml to DOM and back via XmlUtil, if there are DOM utilities you'd rather use, but that's not necessarily the most efficient way of doing search.

    Can you describe what you're trying to do in a little more detail, in case someone has an alternate idea?   It's often best to do any type of searching in a back end rather than in XML in the portal JVM, for performance/scalability reasons.


    I hope that info helps,
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