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Pinned topic Stateless XML handler throwing network error

‏2013-10-08T20:18:06Z | datapower tcp/ip

Hi all,

I was configured Stateless XML handler to accept TCP/IP raw packet and getting network error if the client leaves the connection open to accept response. If client closes the connection(of course defeats the purpose) as soon as send the request , the WF gets processed. I have set Front side timeout to 3 sec to let WF know that it's a end of the packet and start processing the request but don't work. Am I missing anything here? Please help.



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    Re: Stateless XML handler throwing network error



      The xml handler is really dependent on delimiting the data properly.  You can either do close the socket or you can send an valid soap message that has a properly formed root element.  The help tries to state this:
    "This protocol uses raw XML - where the close of the root node delineates the document - PI's and comments outside of the root node are not allowed."

    that last bit about comments have hit a few of my clients.  Let me know what the data looks like or if you have a specific question I could try to help with.

    Hope this helps.