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Pinned topic Can not perform a SEARCH

‏2013-09-03T06:13:51Z | rpe search

Hi -

has anyone worked out how to perform a search for a word, or anything really, within a *.dta file  - i.e. RPE template fiel within the Studio environment?

RPE has all features provided, including setting a worksapce and search the whole workspace but, it just can not find a word, or regualr expression or a combination.


So - to explain a bit more, once I click on - ( RPE studio )

Window - Preferences - General - Workspace -

I enter my workspace name - i.e. C:/data/myRPEFiles

BUT, on top of the dialog box shows =>  org.eclipse.ui.preferencePages.Startup not found

is that the problem?

I googled it and it came up with a few bugs in Eclipse, pointing to that exact error, but they seem to be older, so I assume it has been fixed, that bug?


All I wanted to do is to look for a specific WORD/ occurrence in my *.dta files -

The 'SEARCH' function does allow all the possible searches and regualr expressions etc etc, but it always returns 'searchword'   0 matches in workspace (*.dta)

be good to have this working to do a 'Search and Replace' - for instance

oh yeah, almost forgot -

Rational Publishing Engine Document Studio
Build 20130424_1802

thanks in advance