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‏2013-12-16T14:48:46Z | configurationcontrol package unit

We've got a rather big model that has different maturity in different areas.  We're using ClearCase Remote Client (which was mandated), which doesn't integrate too well. 

We've also got different sophistication levels of the people entering new data at serveral geographic sites.  We've set up "working area" packages for the newer modelers to enable them to elaborate their ideas and have the senior folks look at it before it is integrated into the main model.  The newbies like to create sub-packages in their working area packages, and the creation of new units is causing us configuration control headaches.

Is there a way to set a package's default behavior so that any subpackage that is created does not create a new unit?

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    Re: Change Default New package behavior



    See if this provides you with a solution for this scenario:

    The PackageIsSavedUnit property determines whether new packages are saved as units (separate files) by default. (Default = True)