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Pinned topic MQFTE FTPS Bridge - BFGBR0150E error

‏2015-05-28T11:57:43Z | fte mq-mft mqfte transfer

I am trying to implement MQFTE FTPS Bridge. The problem is that is doesn't connect to the FTPS Server. The network is opened - I have managed to connect with some other FTPS Client software.

There is nothing in the log files, but in the trace I get the following messages:

[PB-ADM-CONNECT - failed [IOException=Read timed out]]

connect, BFGBR0150E: Protocol IO exception has occurred. Exception: Read timed out [com.ibm.wmqfte.bridge.protocol.ProtocolException]

<init>, BFGBR0150E: Protocol IO exception has occurred. Exception: Read timed out [com.ibm.wmqfte.io.FTETransferIOException]

If it helps, attached a few configuration settings I used in this implementation.

I will appreciate any help.




my ProtocolBridgeProperties:

<tns:defaultServer name="name" />
<tns:ftpsServer name="name" host="host" port="990" platform="Windows"
     timeZone="Europe/London" locale="en_GB" fileEncoding="UTF8"
     listFormat="unix" limitedWrite="false" ftpsType="explicit" connectTimeout="5"
     trustStore="C:\ProgramData\IBM\MQ\mqft\config\QM1\agents\BRITEST1\KEY.jks" />


my ProtocolBridgeCredentials:

          <tns:agent name="agent">                                        
            <tns:serverHost name="host" 
              <tns:user name="user" serverUserId="ftpsuser" serverPassword="password" hostKey="fingerprint" />





  • philcoxhead
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    Re: MQFTE FTPS Bridge - BFGBR0150E error


    Hi Raneee, I would be tempted to change the connect timeout to a much large value and see if this is the cause. The trace is indicating this is during connect processing, even though the exception implies a "read".