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‏2013-07-01T13:48:48Z | cards network

We have around 60 of the IBM R/S 6000 servers at different locations.  Each one has 4 network ports.  For some reason every so often,seems to happen after reboots the most,  the port the cat 5 cable is plugged in stops working and we have to have the workers move the cat 5 to a different NIC port.  We thought about disabling the other NIC ports but were scared that if we couldn't get that port working we would end up having to make a trip to that store.  Usually if we move the cord to another port it starts working again but the next time the server reboots we end up having to move it again.  


This seems to happen at the same location about 3 straight weeks and then it fixes itself.  Any ideas of what could be causing this?  

  • chrissmith
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    Re: Issues with NIC's


    Do you get any errors logged in AIX

  • JLGuyot
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    Re: Issues with NIC's


    Seems to be a bad click of the ethernet cable to me.

    Usually, unplug/replug both sides of the cable.

    And if it repeats, change the cable.

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    Re: Issues with NIC's


    if nothing else you are doing other than cable swap to other port to bring up the server in network., then it looks like bad cable to me...or some loose connections..