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Pinned topic Recompile of all database objects in DB2?

‏2013-04-29T14:52:06Z |

Hi there, I'm in the midst of porting our code developed on Oracle over to DB2 10.1. Whilst this is going quite well by and large, one snag I have hit is that the recompilation of all database objects doesn't appear to work as well on DB2 as it does on Oracle.

For instance, we load all of our database objects (tables, views, functions etc.) via a series of batch jobs which run scripts directly on the schema in question, and then at the end perform a recompilation of all database objects once all dependencies have been taken care of. We run the following code on DB2 to do this:

db2 connect to db2f4dev
db2 connect reset

Whilst this appears to take care of a fair few invalid database objects, it does leave a lot of views, functions and packages in an invalid state. When I then run the scripts for the affected objects individually against that database however, they compile without issue.

Are we missing something here? Any help would be gratefully received!

Thanks, Geoff