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Hi All,


I need to merge the changes of a set of files under a particular activity from one stream to another stream.

Is there a utility for same in ClearCase or some tool which can help with this?

Please help me with the same.

  • Dave-Robinson
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    Re: Activity Merge


    Other than

    deliver [-stream stream-selector] [-to integration-view-tag]  [-target stream-selector]
            -activities activity-selector,... -gmerge

    create / set an activity in the target stream and then

    cleartool findmerge activity-selector ... -fcsets   -gmerge

    Note: this does NOT do the dependency checking that a deliver does, but if there is an earlier version of one of the change set files on the source stream, that "partial change" shall come across too - that is, the rest of the dependent activities change set shall not come across with it.

    That is why I would recommend -gmerge with this rather than -merge