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Pinned topic spatial extender functions fails

‏2014-08-19T08:15:43Z | extender spatial


I am working with DB2 10.5. (64bit) on Windows 2012 (64 bit). If I try to use the spatial extender UDF ST_CONTAINS the following error came up if the UDF should return the value 1 meaning geometry1 contains geometry2:

IBM.Data.DB2.DB2Exception (0x80004005): ERROR [38503] [IBM][DB2/NT64] SQL0430N User defined function "DB2GSE.ST_CONTAINS"
(specific name "ST_GCONTAINS") has abnormally terminated.


As long as no match is given from the UDF no error happens .I also tried some other UDFs like intersect or within, but the same behavior occurs.

I installed the latest fixpack (3) but the problem was not solved.

Has someone else this problem? Could it be a configuration problem or seems it to be a DB2 bug?

Thanks for any suggestion,