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Pinned topic XSD - with null namespace. How to handle

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Dear All,


I'm facing  very serious issue in my development.

I will elaborate here.

1. The provider system gave us the 3 xsd with null namespace.

2. We imported those 3 xsd into our library to create interface.

3. When we create the interface(wsdl) and build it we are getting error and the error is

"There are business objects that have the same name  in the same namespace ([null]) ".   

This is because the three xsd's has some elements common in them and the namespace is also null . So the elements could not be able to differentiate. Is there any way to resolve it inside(IID-WESB), without going to the provide as the provider will not be making any changes.


Many Thanks,


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    Re: XSD - with null namespace. How to handle


    Hello, imsiva.

    I've answered you in another theme. I've copied my post:


    Unfortunately, null namespace is a very serious problem. We were facing with it some time ago. In this situation we were facing with isuues:

    1. We couldn't create BO with null namespace with Custom API. Null argument in BO Factory create method produces NullPointerException. Create method with empty string as namespace produces error, that it can't find object in such namespace. But you can create BO with null namespace using WID Interface. I couldn't get correct answer about this sitiuation from IBM specialists.

    2. If you are using BO with equal (null or not null) namespace it can produce the error in the WESB environment. The problem based on the optimization mechanism of the WebSphere Environment. When the WESB faced with the such BO first time during thread running, it caches it. And when it faced with it another time during thread running, it gives it from cache. And this can be another object, than you think. And object will be invalid.


    In my opinion, the best way is try to connect to provider. He sould refactor namespace. Of course, you can change (refactor) namespace yourself. But your partner can do not understand your document under these circumstances.