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‏2014-04-02T20:14:42Z | linux nmon top

We have been using NMON for years with AIX. Now we have an application that is being converted to Redhat  Linux on intel. 

The Realtime NMON display seems to be ok. However when we run the Analyzer with the NMON datafile we see that various tabs are missing from the report.

We are missing the first tab(System Summary),  TOP,  UARG and more. The TOP tab is the most valuable info that we want to get from  NMON for Linux .

The TOP info does display in the realtime display. We have tried using -t and -T.  However, before debugging any Analyzer issues we notice that the NMON data file from the collector seems to be missing various lines.

For example there are no lines in the data that start with TOP!  We are using RHEL 5.8 linux servers and version 14i for NMON.

The first question is whether it is possible with NMON on Linux  to get the TOP information output to the file to go to the Analyzer?

If it's possible then the second question is what might cause the loss of TOP and info for other analyzer tabs to be excluded from the collector output file?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated as we are depending on getting the NMON TOP info for our Linux servers.






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    Re: Linux NMON - TOP missing


    Has anyone seen TOP in the files input to Analyzer for NMON on LINUX?