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Pinned topic Procedure to add node as qourum manager to existing gpfs cluster

‏2013-04-24T18:29:34Z | aix gpfs


Hello All,

 I have to add a  new node as qourum manager to existing cluster with 2 qourum manager and 10 nodes.  Please share the procedure.

Although I wrote a procedure not sure if its correct, Here are the steps I have jotted down:


steps to add node in to gpfs cluster:
1) ensure all the disks from exisiting cluster are shared with new server.
2)Add the servers' services IP label to the /etc/hosts file on all cluster nodes .
3) Setup SSH keys to allow the GPFS cluster nodes to communicate with each other as root over the Services Network
4)Install the GPFS filesets from NIM master
5)Add /usr/lpp/mmfs/bin to root's PATH
6) For adding new node to gpfs cluster you need to issue the mmnodeadd  command from node already in cluster. In our please login to primary node in the cluster and issue the following command to add the node in the cluster as qourum manager.
mmaddnode -N <nodename>:quorum-manager
The above command will add the node to gpfs cluster as qouram manager.
7) login to the new node and accept the gpfs liscence by issuing the following command.
mmchliscence server --accept -N <nodename>
8)Start the GPFS cluster daemon 
      mmstartup -a
9) check and confirm all the gpfs filesystem are mounted and available. 


Would appreciate your helps 




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    Re: Procedure to add node as qourum manager to existing gpfs cluster


    In theory it's nothing wrong with performing the steps as you described.

    However if I recall correctly, you might have problems adding a new quorum node to an active/on-line cluster.

    To avoid a potential cluster shutdown and to be on the safe side I would first add the new node as a simple client. Do the license part, then start GPFS on the new node. Once the new node is up and running change it into a quorum node (mmchnode).