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‏2016-11-30T09:12:51Z | cloudant database iib loopback

Hi Folks,

I have a requirement of sending HTTP/HTTPS requests over IIB using HTTP input node and storing in an online cloud Database i.e. Cloudant. Since there is a provision for a Loopback request node in IIB version, I have tried to use the Loopback node with the Loopback framework installed in my system. The problem is that whenever I try to post a request via HTTPInput node, the message gets successfully parsed and the execution gets stuck at the In terminal of the LoopbackRequest node with the following exception as  :


Exception. BIP2230E: Error detected whilst processing a message in node 'DatabaseInsert.LoopBackRequest'. : F:\build\S1000_slot1\S1000_P\src\DataFlowEngine\TemplateNodes\ImbRequestTemplateNode.cpp: 555: ImbRequestTemplateNode::processMessageAssemblyToFailure: ComIbmRequestNode: DatabaseInsert#FCMComposite_1_4 BIP3865E: A JavaScript exception ''Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'connect' of undefined'' was caught in module ''C:\Program Files\IBM\IIB\\server\nodejs\iib-loopback\node_modules\loopback-datasource-juggler\lib\datasource.js'' at line '349', offset '28'-'29'. Stack: 'TypeError: Cannot read property 'connect' of undefined: F:\build\S1000_slot1\S1000_P\src\DataFlowEngine\nodejs\NodejsManager\ImbNodejsTryCatch.cpp: 66: ImbNodejsTryCatch::handle: :


I have the cloudant.js file stored in the below path :


C:\Program Files\IBM\IIB\\server\nodejs\iib-loopback\node_modules\loopback-datasource-juggler\lib\connectors


Also, the appropriate DSN entries have been made in the datasources.json file. I am not able to resolve this and i am stuck up with this bottleneck. Can anyone help me on this of what can be done to get this resolved. Thanks.

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    Re: Using Loopback Request node in IIB


    Well when creating the loopback connection you did define the corresponding DSN name.

    Did you set that DSN name on the loopback node?

    How did you configure the loopback node?