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Pinned topic Liberty profile - application reading external properties file

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I have an old web application used for demos (no source code) that reads a property file (call it APP.CFG) to set some initial values when it starts up. On regular WAS this properties file would be located in the <WAS_INSTALL_DIR>.../profiles/<profile name>/properties directory and the application finds it.

I am trying to see if ithe app can run under the Liberty Profile (8.5 on z/OS), but it is getting an error on startup due to not being able to locate the file. Without changing the source code, is it possible to place this file somewhere so that the application can find it?


I have tried placing it in the same directory as the custom .jar files used by the application and defining that as a library, but that does not seem to work. For example:

<library id="mylibrary">

 fileset dir="${server.config.dir}/mylib/test1"

 includes="*.jar *.CFG" scanInterval="5s" />


I'm likely missing something obvious, so any info or pointers to documentation I may have missed are appreciated. Thanks!