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Pinned topic Error Exporting Account Workflow ITIM 5.1

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I've recently run into an issue exporting/importing workflows from one environment to another. When I import the jar file that I previously exported, after identifying the items to import from the conflict list, the process just hangs and never completes.

After doing some investigation it seems that the problem is that when the export is performed it is not complete. The org roles aren't included, even though they were identified, though I'm not sure why. It's actually two workflows. My main workflow calls another one, so it is pulled in when doing the export. In that called workflow I have a couple of approval nodes that use org role participants, which is why the org roles are dependencies in the export. 

I've resorted to separating my workflow export from the other items that I have exported, as to isolate them. I get around the issue by changing the participant type then changing the participant back to org role after the import. This works, but is not optimal.

I have approval nodes in life cycle operations that also use org roles, but I don't have any issues exporting/importing those. The org roles show as dependencies during the export. On the import the org roles are identified as conflicts, so I have the option to not import them.

I'm not sure if the issue is the org roles themselves, workflows, dependent/called workflows, or even approval nodes. One of my co-works ran into a similar issue the other day as well, but these are the only two instances of this occurring in our environment. No patching of any kind has been done recently.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what the root issue might be? 

Thank you.


Michael K. Craghead

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    Re: Error Exporting Account Workflow ITIM 5.1

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    You didn't mention the logs. It's the first place you must check: trace.log and msg.log when importing.

    Usually, imports can fail if the orgchart defined in the origin environment is different from the destination environment. If your role or other object is created in a point of the orgchart that doesn't exist in the destination environment it fails, because ITIM doesn't export orgchart.



    Leonilson Lopes

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      Re: Error Exporting Account Workflow ITIM 5.1

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      Thank you for taking the time to read my question and to reply. You are correct, i didn't mention the logs explicedly. I did review the logs which was how I was able to determine that the export wasn't complete. The logs mentioned that the referenced item id=10 (or id.10) did not exist (I'll have to re-run the export to try and capture the exact message). That's when I was able to go into the jar and see that it wasn't there. It was the org role that should have been id=10 and not the OU where it was located.

      I did check to make sure that the OU exists where it was expected. As I believe I mentioned the org roles were picked up without a problem for the life cycle operation that used it in an approval. It's just the account request workflow that is being called by another account request workflow that seems to have an issue with the org role. One of the other developers had already suggested that it could be a missing or out of place OU, but that does not seem to be the case.

      Thanks again.