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ALM Developer Package bundles:

ü     * IBM Rational Team Concert Authorizes - 10 free licenses

ü     IBM Rational Quality Manager Quality Professional Authorized user - 2 users

ü     IBM Rational Requirements Composer Analyst Authorized user - 2 users

ü     IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management Fast Track (Quickstart Services)



ALM Developer Package delivers to help businesses: 

Deliver high quality in less time, with less, ensuring delivered solutions meet business needs and objectives.   


Eliminate wasteful spending to prevent lost opportunity and get to market as planned or faster, with the desired capabilities


Achieve effective collaboration to improve cross project visibility and transparency with real-time metrics and reporting

IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management Fast Track

The IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management Fast Track is a pre-defined service offering that focuses on the rapid start-up of a reference implementation based on one of the Rational solution for CLM out-of-the box configurations. The Fast Track includes a comprehensive walkthrough of the complete solution, which provides your team with the building blocks to define a detailed deployment plan. As part of this effort, an experienced IBM Rational technical specialist will perform the installation and configuration of the reference server; and assist and enable your team in understanding the technologies, integrations and capabilities that make up the solution. These activities are performed in accordance with following agenda:



Day 1

Days 2

Day 3

Infrastructure Installation

Solution Workshop

Solution Planning

Installation and Configuration of the CLM solution and Jazz technology

Hands-on, role-based walkthrough of the CLM Solution capabilities and Jazz technology

Identify and prioritize solution capabilities to adopt required configurations (if any)


·        CLM application licenses are not included. You must be current with IBM Rational licenses and maintenance for all products that will be deployed in the solution.

·        Single server installation on IBM directed hardware. Hardware available prior to engagement start date.

·        Use of the IBM Rational Solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management Proof of Technology (POT) assets to drive the solution survey and planning sessions.

This offering does not provide support for the following. Additional fees apply if such support is required:

·        Data migration or integration with other IBM or 3rd-party products or applications.

·        Any configuration or customization to the workshop assets

·        Instructor led or Web based training on detailed Jazz and CLM application tool usage.


* Rational Team Concert 10 Free Developer Licenses: International License Agreement for Non-Warranted Programs