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Pinned topic Easy way to allow users to submit terms for Glossary consideration

‏2013-06-06T17:02:07Z | business feedback glosssary

Hey - others have probably figured this out as well, but I thought I would document it for sharing.

I needed a method to allow Business Glossary users to submit new terms. Of course new terms go through Stewardship review, etc. - but I wanted something easy and integrated and couldn't wait for IBM to make this requested enhancement.

So - I created a term named 'Glossary Feedback' with a description of 'Use the Feedback button above to submit new acronyms or terms to be considered for addition to the Glossary.'

That process generates an email template they can complete. Since I'm set up as the Steward for that term - that email comes to me. I confirm it's new and viable and then take the appropriate action. (IT is the Steward for all acronyms so I can add those without formal review by anyone else once I verify they are valid).